Aggressive Health, 1 Buch (englisch)

If you want to kno something about our health and the daily food you must read this book.

Mike Nash: Let’s face facts: In a world where 1 in 2 people are dying from heart disease and 1 in 3 people are dying from cancer, you're in danger. In a world where 95% of diets are failing and people are losing their enthusiasm for life, something needs to change. Fortunately for you, your hold in your hands the ONLY book you'll ever need to create a level of health beyond anything you can imagine. Now is the time to reclaim your energy and become part of a elite group of people who feel sexy, look great and charge at life with passion and purpose. Failure to do so could result in your demise. Choose wisely.

Most diets have you thinking more and more about food. With AGGRESSIVE HEALTH you'll find yourself focusing more on life and living. Food will still be a key focus, but you'll be more interested in using your new found energy to turbo-charge your life. With energy, anything is possible.7 reasons why sprouted foods should be at the heart of your diet (page 35)

·                  7 reasons why hemp is the planets most superior protein/essential fatty acid rich food (page 43)

·                  Why the roaring oil trade is part responsible for the rise in heart disease and how to select your fats wisely. (page 49)

·                  Why grinding flax seeds is superior to taking flax oil and how a number 1 bestselling author learnt the hard way! (page 52)

·                  Why bee pollen is an essential superfood in your diet if you love high fat meals (page 59)

·                  Why focus on parasites is a waste of time if your body is full of mucoid plaque (page 67)

·                  A critical distinction about how anabolic/catabolic imbalances can cause constipation and increase the risk of breast cancer. (page 77)

·                  Discover what is 30 times more effective at shunting extra calories into fat than into muscle – avoid this and you can wave goodbye to fat gain FOREVER! (page 94)

·                  Discover how one simple principle can help control your blood sugar better than a single shot of insulin (page 82)

·                  Why the Atkins diet is flawed after the first few weeks of rapid weight loss. (page 94)

·                  Why you should avoid ‘mainstream' vegetarianism like the plague, but how to become a successful vegetarian overnight. (page 101)

·                  1982 Nobel Prize in Medicine highlights the importance of super hormones that control virtually EVERYTHING… Control this area of your health and you'll be part of the elite 5% experiencing phenomenal health. (page 109)

·                  14 questions to determine your psychological health and why focusing on these can help eliminate stress for a lifetime. (page 122)

·                  Tactics to keep homocysteine levels in a healthy low range which will slash your risk of being the 1 in 2 people who die from heart disease. (page 138)

·                  How stress kills sexuality by affecting testosterone and a simple strategy you can adopt to keep your title of king or queen of the bedroom. (page 150)

·                  Discover which oil is the safest to cook with which will simultaneously help fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections. (page 55)

·                  Discover why elite athletes and business executives are turning to mind technology to enhance EVERY aspect of performance. (page 188)

·                  Discover how to master theta control in 10mins (it takes Zen Monks 20 years!) (page 193)

·                  Dr Marion Diamond lets you into a secret about Einstein's brain (page 201)

·                  Discover why Sarah Leibowitz, Ph.D. believes most of the population are adopting a brain destroying diet (page 210)

·                  Dr Elliot Blass teaches you the mechanism behind people's sugar cravings (page 211)

·                  Discover 3 principles on how to avoid the perils of Prozac and restore serotonin naturally with NO side effects (page 225)

·                  Regain your solid erections or enjoy moist love-making again with a few simple changes to your daily routine. (page 227)

·                  7 reasons why exercise eliminates depression better than psychotherapy. (page 231)

·                  Discover why the Hunzas are a community of Centenarians and how you can mimic their lifestyle to get the same results. (page 243)

·                  Why zeta potential is the key for eliminating toxins and suspending nutrients (page 251)

·                  How Dr T.C McDaniel cured his own heart problem when cardiologists gave up and how you can use this knowledge to free yourself from heart disease. (page 250)